Yoga en Irlande - Professeur IFY

Week-end de yoga à Dublin avec Lina FRANCO

Dates :
9 et 10 mai 2020

Lieu :
Dublin - Irlande

Week-end de yoga en résidentiel à Dublin, en anglais


When wrong knowledge, mistakes and misunderstandings shake one’s stability.

Using the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga, the workshop will explore deeply some core concepts of Yoga such as :

  • avydia (ignorance),
  • kleśa (affliction),
  • mithya jnana (misapprehension),
  • satya (truthfulness),
  • viparyaya (misperception or illusory knowledge)…

as a means to help one to make decisions, to be deeply aligned with them, and stand by them freely (sthira sukha).


Renseignements et inscriptions :

Lina Franco
Tél. : 06 50 19 77 79
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Site internet : www.body-yoga-paris.com